El Gran Café De La Parroquia Y El Malecón De Veracruz

Q: You took a phorograph in El Gran Café de la Parroquia de Veracruz. Why did you like the place and using a special camera.
A: When I am watching an scenery, let’s say an afternoon at the gran café de la parroquia, with it’s unique atmosphere, created both by the guests and the stuff, the good food, the fantastic coffee (and the constant gush of warm milk, celebrated by the waiters), the musicians coming in to play two or three songs… my eyes are „scanning“ the scenery, jumping from a table with a beautiful wife to the men talking or reading newspapers on another one. Even when I remind this afternoon, all the single moments are overlapping and create an impression, an recollection – not like normal photographic picture which separates a single short moment from the continuous time flow. No, all these moments i recall as „one thing“. My intention is to use photography not as an „reproductive“ medium, i want to give an idea.

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Q: Michael María, I founded you in the Malecón of Veracruz port. You were taking photographs of the same scene per a day. What is exactly this project?
A: The initial idea was to show the observer the dependence of colors from atmospheric conditions like sunshine, clouds, dust etc. So I had chosen a scenery which is quite interesting (for me) to persist taking pictures from the first light in the morning until the night. Two days before, i started to look for a location. I made my decisions regarding the construction of the image the day before – once made, I will not change anything, the camera will always display the same perspective. I try to control as much as possible in advance, knowing that during the shooting things will happen that I cant control – which is also an important part of the concept.